Main view of the applicationSwitch is a small application that allows to control switches through an ASCOM driver.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above
  • Plateform ASCOM 6.1 or above

Fenêtre principale de l'application

The configuration and use of the application is very simple.

Three buttons are in the title bar. The first allows the selection of the ASCOM driver icône 'configuration'. The second, which is activated only if a driver has been selected, allows the connection icône 'connexion'. Finally, the last displays a dialog box "About ..." referring to the conditions of use and copyright icône 'aide'.

Once connected, the application displays the list of switches configured in the ASCOM driver. For each of them is displayed: the index, its name and its current state. It is possible to change its state by clicking on the switches bouton 'interrupteur'

v1.0.0 (29-03-2015)
Initial release

This software is free, but any donation is welcome

Download setup_switch_v1.0.0.exe 1011809 bytes