Logo "Lost In Space"Software allowing to resynchronise a mount whose the coordinates have been lost.

It is usefull in the case of remote use of a mount that doesn't provide park function or that doesn't keep the position after power off.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above
  • Plateform ASCOM 6 or above
  • Acquisition : Maxim DL 5 or 6 or TheSkyX Pro with Camera Add On
  • Plate solve : Astrometry.net (need an Internet connection) or TheSkyX (minimum v10.2.0 Build 7927)

Main window

Main window of the application

The main window of the application consists of four zones

Current coordinates

It displays the current position of the telescope.

Resolved coordinates

When an image has been analyzed, the resolved coordinates are displayed in this area.

If a telescope is connected a button is activated. It allows to resynchronize the mount with the resolved coordinates.


This area displays the current operations such acquiring images, loading images to the resolution service.

Buttons bar

At the bottom is a series of buttons. The first two are for connecting / disconnecting the telescope and camera.

The third will start the acquisition of an image and transmit it to the resolution service.

The fourth is used to select a picture from the hard disk and to transmit it to the resolution service.

The last button allows the cancellation of an ongoing operation.


Configuration dialog box

The configuration dialog is accessible from the following menu : Edit - Configuration.

It consists of two tabs


Temporary directory

Specify the directory in which the acquired images are saved.

It is also possible to automatically delete images after resolution.

Astrometry service

Two astrometry services are available, TheSkyX Pro et astrometry.net. For the first, the minimum required version is v10.2.0 Build 7927. The database All Sky Image Link Database is necessary. For the second an Internet connection is required.

If you use TheSkyX and that the telescope is completely out of position you may need to activate the All Sky search in TheSkyX. To do so, open the Image Link dialog in TheSkyX, select the All Sky tab and finally activate the option Use All Sky Image Link for scripted Image Link.


Any telescope that can be controlled by an ASCOM driver can be used


The acquisition can be performed using TheSkyX (Camera Add On required) or MaximDL 5 or 6.

The following three fields are used to specify the aquisition parameters. It is not necessary to take full-resolution images, an acquisition at binning 2x2 or 3x3 and a few seconds exposure are generally sufficient.

Configuration dialog box

Configuration of the astrometry.net Service

If astrometry.net service is used for the image resolution, an astrometry.net account is required. Once logged in click on My Profile, the key is displayed in the Account Info part of the page. Copy it and paste it in the API Key field.

The other parameters can be left at their default values. If necessary you will find more information about them in your astrometry.net account.

v1.1.1 (02-04-2015)
Fixed a regression causing an error during the telescope connection
v1.1.0 (31-03-2015)
TheSkyX support
Various minor corrections
v1.0.0 (17-06-2013)
Initial version not publicly available

This software is free, but any donation is welcome

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