ASCOM driver that allows to control the relays of an IPX800 v2, an IPX800 v3 or IPX800 v4.

IPX800 v3
IPX800 v2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above
  • Plateform ASCOM 6.1 or above

Fenêtre de configuration

IPX800 settings

IPX800 version

Version of the IPX800 : version 2, version 3 or version 4


The IPX800 can be controlled using two protocols: M2M (Machine to Machine) or HTTP (equivalent to a control by the web interface).

Note : In case of use of an X880 extension and a firmware version older than v3.05.46 it's recommanded to use the HTTP protocol, the extensions do not always react properly to the M2M commands with older version

IP address and port

IP address and port of the IPX800.

The default port numbers are: 9870 for M2M protocol and 80 for the HTTP protocol.

User and password

This connection settings configured to access the web interface of IPX800.

When using the M2M protocol, the password is only required if the firmware version is 5.3.46 or higher.

Number of X880 extensions

Allows to specify the number of installed X880 extensions.

Fenêtre de configuration

Configuration of the relays

In the others tabs, one to four depending on the number of installed X880 extensions, it's possible to configure the relays. For each it is possible to specify a name and if the relay state can be changed.

v1.1.0 (31-12-2016)
IPX800 v4 support
v1.0.0 (25-03-2013)
Initial version

This software is free, but any donation is welcome

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