ASCOM driver allowing to open a roll off shed type observatory with an IPX800 v2, an IPX800 v3 or IPX800 v4.

IPX800 v3
IPX800 v2

Abri contrôlé par un IPX800 v4 et le driver ASCOM IPX800 Roll Off Shed. Crédit vidéo : Thierry krebs.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or above
  • Plateform ASCOM 6.2 or above

configuration dialog

IPX800 settings

IPX800 version

Version of the IPX800: version 2, version 3 or version 4


The IPX800 can be controlled using two protocols: M2M (Machine to Machine) or HTTP (equivalent to a control by the web interface).

Note: In case of use of an X880 extension and a firmware version older than v3.05.46 it's recommended to use the HTTP protocol; the extensions do not always react properly to the M2M commands with older version.

IP address and port

IP address and port of the IPX800.

The default port numbers are: 9870 for M2M protocol and 80 for the HTTP protocol.

User and password

The user and password configured to access the web interface of IPX800.

When using the M2M protocol, the password is only required if the firmware version is 5.3.46 or higher.

Shed and door settings

For the shed and the door, the following parameters have to be set.

Open/close state inputs number

The driver allows to use sensors (e.g. magnetic sensor) to identify the shed and door position (open or closed). If you use such detectors, check the boxes and indicate on which entries of IPX800 they are connected.

Open/close relays

These parameters define the behavior of the relay that must be activated to trigger the opening and closing of the roof.

For each action, "open" and "close", specify the relay number to activate. If configured in pulse mode (from the IPX800 web interface) check the box. If this is not the case it is necessary to indicate the period during which the relay must be activated.

In the case of an IPX800 v4, it is possible to select a virtual output.

Open/close timeout

If one of the relays is configured in pulse mode, the time required to open / close the roof must be configured. It is recommended to specify a value slightly higher than the actual duration.

Close the door after shed opening

This parameter allows to close the door after the shed has been opened.

Other parameters

Abort mode

The abort mode allows to configure the behavior of the ASCOM Abort Slew functionality. The role of this function is to interrupt the roof slew. Three values are possible:

Not supported: > this is the option to select if your system does not allow interruption. The call of ASCOM AbortSlew function will have no effect.

Open relay: Select this option if the interruption of the roof slew can be done by opening the relay.

Close relay: Select this option if the interruption of the roof slew can be done by closing the relay. This is for example the case for some style='color:#595959'>garage door or portal opening system >...

Security sensor

You can use an entry in the IPX800 as a safety sensor. This can be useful for example to prevent the slew of the roof if the telescope is not at its park position.

Initial state

The initial state allows to specify the roof position at the time of connection. This can be useful if you manually open the roof before connecting to the driver. If a sensor is used, it will always override the state indicated in the configuration.

v1.1.0 (2019-02-26)

  • Upgrade of the library used to communicate with the IPX800

v1.0.0 (2018-06-11)

  • Initial version

This software is free, but any donation is welcome

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