IPX800 Roll Off Roof ASCOM Driver

ASCOM driver allowing to open a roll off roof with an IPX800 v2, an IPX800 v3 or IPX800 v4.

It allows the opening of any roof whose opening can be triggered by the activation of a relay (e.g. garage door or portal opening system, ...).

IPX800 v3
IPX800 v2


Latest Release

v5.0.0, 20-08-2020, 2.09 MB



User manual





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Previous Releases

Version Date File Weight Download
4.1.0 24-02-2019 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v4.1.0.exe 1.13 MB Download
4.0.1 11-05-2018 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v4.0.1.exe 1 MB Download
4.0.0 10-05-2018 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v4.0.0.exe 0.95 MB Download
v3.2.1 18-07-2017 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.2.1.exe 1.38 MB Download
v3.2.0 08-07-2017 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.2.0.exe 1.38 MB Download
v3.1.1 18-02-2017 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.1.1.exe 1.37 MB Download
v3.1.0 20-11-2016 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.1.0.exe 1.37 MB Download
v3.0.1 30-09-2016 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.0.1.exe 1.22 MB Download
v3.0.0 28-09-2016 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v3.0.0.exe 1.22 MB Download
v2.4.3.0 01-11-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.4.3.exe 0.79 MB Download
v2.4.2.0 06-04-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.4.2.exe 0.79 MB Download
v2.4.1.0 15-03-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.4.1.exe 0.72 MB Download
v2.4.0.0 08-03-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.4.0.exe 0.72 MB Download
v2.3.0.0 28-02-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.3.0.exe 0.72 MB Download
v2.2.0.0 14-02-2015 ASCOM_IPX800-Roll-Off-Roof_v2.2.0.exe 0.71 MB Download

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