ASCOM driver allowing to control a “Clamshell” type dome with an IPX800 v2, an IPX800 v3 or IPX800 v4.

IPX800 v3
IPX800 v2

Dome controlled by an IPX800 v3 and the IPX800 Clamshell ASCOM driver in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile). Video credit : Alain Maury, SPACE

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above
  • Plateform ASCOM 6.2 or above
v1.2.0 (02-12-2017)
Virtual outputs support (IPX800 v4)
Correction of an error that prevents to write the logs
v1.1.0 (31-12-2016)
Add IPX800 v4 support
v1.0.1 (30-09-2016)
Improvement of the state handling. In cases where the dome parts move at a very low speed, it could happen that the state remains open or closed during the opening/closing of the dome
v1.0.0 (27-09-2016)
Initial version

This software is free, but any donation is welcome

Download IPX800Clamshell_Setup_v1.2.0.exe 1305001 bytes
Download IPX800Clamshell_Setup_v1.1.0.exe 1267203 bytes
Download IPX800Clamshell_Setup_v1.0.1.exe 1292828 bytes
Download IPX800Clamshell_Setup_v1.0.0.exe 1293005 bytes